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Advanced Painting
Live drawing

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Ricardo Ramirez was born in Chile in 1979 - He began his formal art studies at the age of 13 at the Experimental Lyceum de Artistic Education. Once graduated at age 17 after an examination in a special commission of Academics He entered directly to the Second Year in Bachelor of Arts at the University of Chile. After the University begins a search process that leads them to study at private Academies in Sydney Australia, and with French Michael Valeri. This is where a real and profound research work begins in techniques of the great masters from the 15th to the 18th centuries, In the matter it specializes and is authority in it, for which he considers himself to be "self-taught".

He founded the Art Real Academy, of which he is a director and professor until today. He is also president of the Art Real Foundation created recently 2018, whose purpose is to support the art and figurative artists.

Since 1999 together with other art professionals, he heads a figurative movement of Contemporary Realism in Chile, has publications in Claridad, MásDeco, El Mercurio, Arte and Libertad XIII, The Guide Artists, Poet & Art, among others. It has multiple collective exhibitions in the Contact Gallery, DCB and Vitavecinos. And two individual exhibitions, Art Room House of the Cisterna Culture "Tentaciones" and Hall of Art Casas de Lo Matta "Contemporary Realism".

His talent has been awarded by the Andes Foundation, during his period of study.

He has participated and been selected as a finalist in various competitions such as "Figurative 2014" MEAM UE, Modportrait 2017 - 2019 GA EU, "Adorn Me" Poet & Art USA and recently in 14th International ARC Salon Competition USA

In his search for beauty, his look is realistic, raw and clean, without falling into the chiaroscuro key dark tone of the baroque, his work still maintains the same technical and aesthetic principles, but unmistakably contemporary.

Adults and children


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Born in Chile in 1968, Contemporary Realist Artist.

She discovered her passion for art since she was a child. At the age of 15 he entered the Attic Education Lyceum where he received his first studies in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Engraving. In 1986, before a commission of academics, she took a special entrance exam, where she was accepted and admitted directly to the second year of the Art Degree at the University of Chile.

In 1985 she received a scholarship at the Academia Real de Arte where she perfected herself by studying the historical techniques of the old masters.

In 2000 he joined the team of Real Art teachers, where he teaches painting to children and adults until today.

His work has been exhibited in several cities of Chile.

In the summer of 2019 she is selected to exhibit at the Zhou B Art Center Gallery, curated by Carol Hodes, and published in the PoetsArtists Magazine.

In his search for beauty, his look is realistic, raw and clean, without falling into the chiaroscuro key dark tone of the baroque, his work still maintains the same technical and aesthetic principles, but unmistakably contemporary.

Guest teacher

Materials Course

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OFELIA ANDRADES Nace el 29 de Septiembre de 1982 en Santiago, Chile.

Entre los años 1984 y 1992 vive en Buenos Aires, Argentina. De regreso a Chile comienza a muy temprana edad (10) su aprendizaje autodidacta para luego asistir a talleres de arte (1994) donde tiene su primer acercamiento a las técnicas de la pintura y el dibujo, haciendo especial hincapié en la técnica del óleo.

Entre 1997 y 2000 Estudia en el Liceo Experimental Artístico, egresando como Técnico en Artes Visuales con Mención en Pintura y Gráfica. Ya en su primer periodo de formación participa en concursos artísticos donde obtiene premios y distinciones además de la participación en numerosas exposiciones colectivas: Ministerio de Educación, Chile (1999); Galería Bucci (1999); Centro Cultural Carmen 340 (1998); entre otras, culminando con su primera exposición de carácter individual en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile (2000), cuando egresa de la secundaria.

Entre 2003 y 2007 estudia Licenciatura en Artes Visuales con Mención Pintura en la Universidad de Chile. En el año 2010 obtiene el Título profesional de Pintora. Entre 2012 y 2014 reside en Londres, Reino Unido. Ofelia Andrades también imparte talleres de pintura y técnicas antiguas, destacando una investigación personal basada en el aspecto técnico y ancestral en el empleo de los materiales de pintura al óleo. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Santiago de Chile.

Guest teacher

Technical course

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Daniela Nuñez Romero nació en Santiago, Chile.

En el año 2008 se titula de Ingeniería Civil Industrial en la Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Paralelamente a sus estudios de ingeniería, Daniela inicia su formación en el arte, participando en cursos de pintura con artistas locales, desarrollando sus propias obras y realizando sus primeras exhibiciones. A partir del año 2012, Daniela profundiza sus conocimientos y habilidades artísticas al comenzar sus estudios en la Academia de realismo clásico Angel Academy of Art en Florencia, Italia, cursando un postgrado de 3 años enfocado en las metodologías y técnicas de dibujo y pintura realista actuales y de los antiguos Maestros. Durante los últimos 3 años, Daniela ha dictado diversos workshops en España, Italia y Chile, y ha realizado exhibiciones y comisiones nacional e internacionalmente. Actualmente Daniela reside en Chile y se encuentra participando en diversos proyectos relacionados con el arte, además de estar enseñando y pintando para próximas exposiciones.

• Publicación de obras en Anuario “Arte y Libertad” XII Edición, de la Galería Artelibre, Barcelon, España. Noviembre 2018 • Colectivo Itinerante: “Ni Musas Ni Modelos: Cita con la Maestra”, Sede APECH, Providencia, Chile; Sala Ximena Cristi, Barrio Bellavista, ßRecoleta, Chile; Universidad SEK, Providencia, Chile; Centro Cultural San Joaquín, San Joaquín, Chile. Marzo-Agosto 2018.

Painting and Drawing

The teachers are artists of international level

All our professors are of international level specialized in Contemporary Realism. To be a professor of our academy, it is not enough to have a degree and traditional university studies; It takes at least three more years of spatialization in some of the techniques of the great masters, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century..

Living Masters

Our artist teachers have the recognition of Living Masters

All our Professors Artists, have been recognized as Living Master specialized in historical techniques of the great masters, by the Contemporary Organization precursor of the Contemporary Realism in our Epoch: "Fundacion Arte Real 1991". They are also in the process of accreditation by another more recent organization, the ARC, both teachers and the Academy

English and Spanish

Advanced Workshops and Courses, for adults, in English and Spanish International

Our artists teachers of adults, in the advanced workshops and courses of: painting, drawing, materials and specific techniques; They are taught in two languages, English international and Spanish.

Precussors of Contemporary Realism.
Since 1991 teaching exclusive academic historical techniques



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